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Just look at some of these surprising statistics…

  • Over 250 million Americans carry mobile phones, over 80% of the nation’s population, and that is just in America.
  • By 2012, an estimated 10 trillion text messages will be sent and delivered globally.
  • Four out of five teens carry a wireless device, and the majority (57%) view their cell phone as the key to their social life.
  • Customer time spent on mobile devices is rising faster than the time spent on any other form of media!
  • According to multiple analysts, Mobile Marketing and Advertising will explode from just a couple hundred million dollars in revenues in 2008 to $3 – 5 Billion by 2012.
  • Text messaging alone gets seven to fifteen times the response rate of an email and has an astounding 97% open rate.
  • The speed in which a text message is opened and read is also usually much faster than an email occurring within the first few minutes as opposed to an email which might take days to be read, if opened at all.
  • Text messaging also can have a measurable ROI as opposed to some forms of media, such as social media, which is harder to calculate. has simplified the entire mass text messaging process with the addition of tutorial videos for anyone that is not familiar with text message advertising; Make sure to watch the videos if you need help or feel free to contact them via email or phone support.

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Mobile Marketing Tips To Expand Your Business Reach

Mobile marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to promote products and services. The reason why mobile marketing has gained so much momentum is because it is giving viable results to marketers who are realizing its true potential. Mobile phones are also hugely popular, which means that marketers can find an almost unlimited number of prospects for their offers. There is even a course on mobile marketing called local mobile monopoly. One of the most powerful features of mobile marketing is that marketers are able to launch highly targeted campaigns, which produces better results. The 3 mobile marketing tips that we will be covering can help you start profiting from this very effective form of marketing.

Our first important tip concerns texting language, and it really does matter that you create an impression that you’re a professional business which you are. Think about your prospects, and then imagine what their reaction will be if you text them using language that reminds them, maybe, of their teenage children. Ok, so when you text your marketing messages, be sure you use the full spellings for all words – that is important. The bottom line is that it’s difficult to be taken seriously when you use the shortened versions. In addition to that, there can be no room for possible misunderstandings in your marketing texts. You always want to be clear and write in the kind of English a serious customer will appreciate.

Sending out an offer to your target audience through mobile phone marketing can be tricky, especially if you’re not letting them know what’s in it for them. You will need to convey a few points such as product or service benefit(s), and make me want to click on your ad without using hype. When you write your ads, you’ll need to talk about benefits and not features, and if you don’t know the difference – find out before you write a single ad.

If you think you cannot avoid using a feature, then just do a small test with it and that’s the best we can tell you. Just as in PPC advertising, you will have to test your ads and optimize your campaigns, so they principles are similar.

Always keep a record of your offers, time sent, to whom, and the response you received because this will be highly valuable in the future. As you can see, you will be building a demographic database that will be how you will decide to tailor your offers.

Avoid letting yourself be fooled by the simple strategies inherent in the mobile marketing tips you just read. There are a lot of ways to engage in mobile marketing, so don’t let your feet fall asleep. Always test everything you do because testing is extremely powerful. If you get involved with mobile marketing, do not give up because there are not many marketers advertising to them – just yet.

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