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First I want to apologize to anyone who has purchased this product, especially anyone who used my link to purchase.

My review on Auto Mass Traffic was based on reviewing the product inside the member’s area, and I tried to portray it as truthfully as possible. I did my review prior to the launch so I had no idea of the outrageous claims they were making on their sales page.

Auto Mass Traffic came out three days ago, and over these three days I’ve received a few negative comments.

Today I went on their sales page to analyze it, and I have to tell you it almost made me puke.

Right from the very begin it starts with hype, and a lie. Take a look at their banner.

Where do I start with that statement. It’s not a brand new method, the software actually doesn’t generate visitors let alone targeted visitors, it doesn’t run on autopilot. And although some marketers may very well generate half a million dollars using Cost-Per-View (what the course is focused on), they surely would not do it with this software.

The sale page doesn’t get any better as I watch the video and as I continue reading on…

In the last month some very well know top gurus in internet marketing have been creating, and promoting low quality products. And you are the one’s that have to pay the price.

I certainly don’t appreciate to be used as a tool to poor even more money into the pockets of some gurus so they can produce even more bad products.

Help me help you…

My recommendation here is if you have purchased Auto Mass Traffic either from my link or anyone else’s, to ask for a refund. Because top gurus will not make a change until there is a big enough response from the customers and the money stops coming in.

I have put a lot of time and energy into ranking this page at the top of google and it certainly wasn’t easy form me to come out and post this information, since I will many sales by doing so. But the reality is that this will not stop until we make it stop, together.

I know that after reading this some of my visitors and customers will be left lost and confused because of all the hype they have been sucked into.

So as a closing I want to make a product recommendation from a trusted Internet Marketer, who’s services I currently use.

If you really want a high quality product that’s full of high quality contend, that’s updated regularly, that has continual customer support, and that truly helps you succeed, with out any of the hype, or hidden costs, I highly recommend “Dominating Google” by Mark Dulisse.

Tell me what you think about this whole ordeal. Leave a comment below.


This page is for Auto Mass Traffic Review – click below if you’re looking for:

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by.

If you know me, from the other product I’ve promoted, you know that as a reviewer I get access to 90 percent of products I promote.

Auto Mass Traffic is no different. I have already requested access to the product, so I can create the best review possible. And you can make an educated decision if this product is for you or not.

I will be updating this information very soon, so keep an eye out for my updates.


Update #1: Auto Mass Traffic

Although I was promised a copy of auto mass traffic, Mo has been little difficult to get in touch with for the past week and I haven’t been able to do my review. As a result, I’ll be one of the first to purchase auto mass traffic and hastily report my finding to you.

Don’t forget about my bonus, you still get that wither you purchase before or after I have my full review posted :)


Update #2: Auto Mass Traffic

“Yes” Just got a reply from Mo, and I have full access to the curse.

I’ll provide you with the best information possible with the time that I have left. You can look forward to my full review within 1 to 2 hours.


Update #3: Auto Mass Traffic – full review

First off Auto Mass Traffic doesn’t teach you how to bring traffic using google. And frankly many of you have been asking me, well, if it doesn’t use google traffic, what kind of traffic could it possibly be?

Up until now, I didn’t even know the answer to this questions. But, having looked through the course and absorbing the most information possible in this short time I can easily answer it, and give you a rundown of the over all concept of Auto Mass Traffic.

Before I uncover the traffic method however, I want to say that it’s not the traffic method alone that will make you succeed. If you open up an adwords account it doesn’t instantly make you a pay-per-click expert.

The point I want to make is that the training is just as important, and without one or the other Auto Mass Traffic would not be complete.

I can’t keep the suspense much longer, the traffic method used in auto mass traffic has totally to do with CPV or cost-per-view.

For those of you not very familiar with CPV let me explain in short what it is. You could say that CPV is kind of like PPV, but not exactly. It is similar in the way that you need an advertising platform like “google adwords” for example. But it is different because with PPC you have to click an add and then you’re directed to a landing/squeeze page. And with CPV your landing/squeeze page pops up automatically requesting the user to do a specific action.

You may be inclined to ask, well is this not considered spam? And the reality is that it’s really not, because the users opt in to receive these type of advertisements.

One thing that I also have to mention is that unlike PPC, CPV is a much cheaper kind of traffic. In a lot of cases the starting bid is $0.01, which by comparison means you get much more visitors with CPV.

This is pretty much it as far as the type of traffic you’ll get. So far you know half of the equation, the second half as I mentioned earlier is the support of a course that guides you through the process in setting up successful campaigns.

Inside the members area of auto mass traffic is where you’re going to find all of the supporting materials you need. You will learn how to pick your niches and find popular offers and products to promote.

There are also a two tool, I haven’t talked about yet, which are included in the members area.

Auto Mass Traffic Software:

With this tool you’re able to find the most competitive websites for a specific niche

Fast Cash Software:

With this tool you will find the buying probability of a keyword, or a website. So if a user searches for something you’ll find how likely they are to purchase based on the keyword they use.

My Conclusion:

Auto Mass Traffic uncovers some under used traffic generation methods. And although you need to pay for this traffic, the price pales by comparison to that of the google adwords.

Further more, the bonus you get when you purchase (My Personal Bonus Package) will teach you how to generate FREE organic search engine traffic. Much like in the way you found out my website right now.

So to look at my bonus package click on the link above

or to purchase Auto Mass Traffic click below for instant access


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The topic of traffic generation is very touchy for lots of people because there are so many different ways to do it. This article contains some easy tips that you can implement to send people to your site.

If you own your own product or are promoting a product as an affiliate there is one technique that will generate lots of traffic quickly: joint venture marketing. This is a long respected method of marketing that you can use to generate large sums of traffic quickly. But how much can it really help you? Let’s say that you have a product on “yoga training” and you want to sell it for one hundred dollars per copy. You can sell this by yourself but that can be very difficult. This is why you’ll need the support of joint ventures to make it successful. You can get in touch with other webmasters, marketers, and newsletter publishers and let them know that you’re ready to give away about 70% of the profit to them if they’re ready to promote it to their list. Most people will join you but if someone doesn’t it isn’t any big deal. It doesn’t matter if you only join up with one or two partners; you will still make plenty of sales quickly because you’ll be able to get so many targeted buyers. Your JV partners should be offered a higher part of your profits because they will be helping you build a list of buyers that you can sell more things to in the future. If you want to gain access to these buyers you will need to accept the loss of most of your profits now in an effort to make more profits in the future. Marketing through joint ventures is extremely profitable because it allows you to reach a much larger audience without having to buy access to it.

Use word of mouth marketing to create a consistent flow of traffic. Word of mouth is the most important thing you can generate for your online business because this will create a great surge in your traffic that can push you way ahead of everybody else.

In order to encourage word of mouth you have to make the product so worthy that people are compelled to talk about it and spread the word. Videos, audios, PDF files and other viral marketing materials can also help boost your marketing efforts. People need more than one reason to push your campaign into viral mode.

If your pockets are deep enough you can purchase banners and other types of advertising to send traffic to your website. You can get lots of targeted visitors to your site if you use your advertising correctly (though this won’t work equally well for everyone). If you want to have your banners work well for you, you need to make sure they are placed well. All you have to do is locate websites that relate to yours and then ask to buy banner space on them. Your choices are to pay per click through or on a monthly or quarterly basis.

This is our way of telling you that you can find success with banner advertising.

In summary, building traffic for your site is simple if you know where to start. Apply any or all of the above tips regularly and you can sit back and watch your traffic grow.

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