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Reviewed By: Coen Mayes
Price: $37.00

As you may already know Steve Iser will soon be releasing commission crusher to the public. However the one thing you might not know is exactly what commission crusher is, hence why you’re on this page. I have a pretty clear idea of what this product has to offer but before making any judgment calls I will contact Steve and see exactly what he has to say about his product.

May 16, 2011 UPDATE*

Commission crusher launched a few months ago, and I should have updated this page sooner with some information. The reason I haven’t is because I didn’t get access to the product before the launch, which is when I like to write my reviews. Steve didn’t return my emails. And then I totally forgot about it.

Since it’s been a while, and I think they had a lot of customers I think it would be better to dedicate this page so that the customers of commission crusher write their feedback below on what they think about the product.

Thank You.

So what exactly is affiliate marketing and how do you get your commissions? Explained in the simplest terms, affiliate marketing is nothing but a way to promote someone else’s product for a fixed commission. This commission could pay per lead, per sale or per action. Affiliate marketing has been used by internet marketers for a long time to establish million dollar businesses starting from nothing. From Amazon.com to small businesses operating out of someone home, virtually everyone is involved in affiliate marketing in one way or another. If you want to increase your online income then read on for some commission crushing tips you can implement to achieve that goal.

One of the most effective affiliate tips you can remember is to be honest with your prospective customers. There are some internet marketers happy to be quite dishonest about the benefits of the products they promote, filling their reviews with lies and hype. Fortunately people can usually spot hype quickly. You can avoid this kind of mistrust by being honest about the products you promote, which will increase their trust in you.

For instance, when you’re writing a review, always remember that no single product is always perfect, so include any downsides or disadvantages you might find. Readers appreciate being given a reason to trust what you’ve written. If there is an ugly side to the product, show it to them. Your visitors will appreciate knowing exactly what they’re getting when they buy what you’re promoting. Readers will learn to trust that your reviews are honest and fair, which can eventually get them to turn to you immediately to learn about any other affiliate products they’re thinking of buying. For instance if you publish an honest review on a product like commission crusher, you may find that a visitor may come to your site and look for a different product they are thinking to purchase as well.

It is critical that you choose the right affiliate product, and many factors come in to play when you are making your decision. The expected growth of the affiliate program is such a factor. The best products for you to choose are those that exhibit impressive growth in the market. You need to opt for those products that are new and on the rise in terms of popularity. You must avoid products that are on the way out and make sure to research your market carefully. You should only promote the best products so you can have the best returns. Older products that have a consistently good reputation are a safe as well.

Another affiliate suggestion you need to focus on is sending sufficient targeted traffic to your offers. The only way to make any sales is by driving targeted leads to your site. The best way to drive targeted guests to your site is by using SEO. Organic traffic from search engines tends to convert very well from an affiliate product viewpoint. Focusing on long tail keywords and product keywords will lead to faster ranking, There are many affiliates who solely depend on the search engines to send them quality visitors.

Overall, affiliate marketing should be considered a good online business opportunity.

True success in any online business rests in your ability to be transparent and honest with your visitors. Apart from that, choose a niche that you are really passionate about and have good knowledge. If you’re into internet marketing then commission crusher could be a good product to do a review on. If IM isn’t your thing then find out what is. Keep the above tips in mind and you’ll soon find your affiliate business is returning profits.

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