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When Contest Burner gets released to the public on November 16th, I will be providing a fantastic bonus to my customers. All you have to do is purchase via my link and I’ll add tremendous value to the package.




Contest Burner Bonus #1:

Backlink Jackpot

Backlink Jackpot (video series)

This is an entire course in its self. It is 16-videos which go into detail on how to bring organic search engine traffic by ranking very high on google’s “search engine results page” for any keyword you want.

You’ll also learn the importance of link building as it relates to your sites overall search engine rankings.

In addition there are some really clever link building strategies revealed by using a free tool to semi-automate the process.


Contest Burner Bonus #2:

Exit Profit GeneratorExit Profit Generator (php script)

This is a PHP script that’s very easy to install and runs on any website.

With this script every time a visitor tries to leaves your website by either closing or hitting the back button they are automatically displayed a message and redirected to an exit page of your choice.


Contest Burner Bonus #3:

Feedback GeneratorFeedback Generator (software/php)

This is a good tool to use on your website to detect why visitors are leaving your website.

The reality is that more than 90% of visitors leave your website without taking action.

With this tool you can get their feedback on why a visitor leaves your website, so you can improve your conversions.


Contest Burner Bonus #4:

Your Success Action PlanYour Success Action Plan (e-book)

If you want to better your life and your business you need to learn the correct way to develop and use an action Plan!

Most people have a tendency not to achieve the success they desire in life and business.

This book will get you thinking the correct way so success can come much easier.


Contest Burner Bonus #5:

CPA Profit BlueprintCPA Profit Blueprint (e-book)

Aside from cpa instruments here you will find additional help when it comes to getting approved in CPA Networks.

Furthermore, it reveals the right and wrong cpa offers, and how to build a profitable campaign from scratch.

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Want to use viral marketing to increase your business? This can be an extremely effective marketing tool, but in order to build an effective campaign, a lot of upfront work has to be done upfront. This will help your business reap some incredible rewards. If you want your online business to go off like gangbusters, you have to get a good viral marketing strategy going.

Viral marketing is different from other forms of promotion. With viral marketing, a lot of your advertising comes from the hearsay of others, who tell the people around them about this great new product or service they’ve found. It’s a truly honest form of advertising, due to the fact it not only requires focus, but it needs a right action done at just the right time for it to work.

Tip # 1 – The first and the foremost element of successful viral marketing is to know your product completely, like the back of your hand. Use this knowledge to position your product. Promote your product or services with a message that’s unique and interesting. Build an interesting story around your product. This will, in turn, create interest in the marketplace. People are drawn to offerings that are appealing and unique. All you have to do is add a little mystery to bring them in. By creating a message that both grabs their attention and leaves them wanting more, you’re on your way to developing a great viral marketing campaign. The trick is to make people curious by veiling your product or service in a bit of secrecy. This isn’t some sales pitch you’re creating; it’s a whole campaign that you want people to take forward with word of mouth. So you have to be very careful that it doesn’t come off as if you’re trying to “sell”.

Tip #2 – While viral marketing by nature helps your product/service spread by itself, it still needs you,the marketer, to initiate the process. In other words, in order to make viral marketing work for you and gain that momentum, you have to involve other types of marketing forms, so that you not only start the buzz but keep it going. Other mediums to consider would be radio, television, or whatever forms of online marketing strategies that interest you. One excellent example would be getting bloggers involved, as they would be able to share their opinions and thoughts on your entire campaign through their blogs. Currently, there are a lot of major blogs in just about every market you might be able to think of, with thousands of readers. Leverage them and use them for your own benefit. You allow your target market to hear about your product or service on their own. Then, they will also spread the word. But remember, in order to get the most out of your viral marketing campaign you need to get creative with the marketing outlets you choose.

Tip #3 – Viral marketing hinges on creativity. By definition, a viral marketing campaign is clever, infectious, and shrewd. The only way to do this is to innovate. You should not just focus all your time and energy on the Internet because there is something to be said of advertising the old fashioned way through radio, television and print medias. Having a successful marketing campaign means using all the tools and tricks that you have right at your fingertips. These are the resources that you need to use to build your viral promotion and take it to the next level. You will definitely reap the benefits that you’re seeking from employing a viral marketing campaign as long as you’re creative and you try new things that haven’t been done before. There is a lot of planning and work on the front end to launch a viral marketing campaign, but once it takes off it has a mind of its own.

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