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Reviewed By: Coen Mayes
Overall: 5 out of 5
Price: $147.00

Hi everyone, Coen here, thanks for taking time out of your day to visit my review.

The reason I’m posting a review for Contest Burner is because I believe it will be pretty popular amongst its users. And so I try to find the best products available, and provide an honest review to my readers so you know what to expect, before you purchase.

Contest Burner is supposed to explode your promotions in a viral way, by utilizing different social platforms. It can build backlinks, grow your list, and create buzz around you, or what ever it is you’re promoting.

My first interaction with contest burner was on September 16th with the start of a contest to a popular product. It was a contest that created a lot of buzz in a viral way around this already popular product. The contest was quite successful, because people were so drawn to it, and it created a lot of exposure for the product.

If you already know the contest I’m referring to don’t spoil the surprise. But for anyone who doesn’t, you have to stay tuned and come back to this page when I finish my review to find out all the details.

It’s time, contest burner will be here tomorrow so I have to finish my story today…

If you’ve been following the contest burner pre-launch phase you’ve already seen what it’s capable of and its power.

It’s ability to to create viral traffic around you is unlike any other product available online “ever”. It’s truly unique approach to traffic generation is remarkable.

I feel that using my story as an example is the best way to describe and tell you what contest burner is all about. And so this is what I’ll do.

On September 16th was the beginning of a contest for the popular product “mobile monopoly”. Adam (creator of mobile monopoly) sent me an invitation informing me about the contest so I went to have a look.

What interested me in the contest was the fact that even small shot marketers (like my self) could win. After all I’m not a guru, so I registered.

The way the contest works is by collecting points. You can get points for doing different things like connecting your facebook/youtube/twitter accounts to the contest… commenting on youtube videos, posting video responses, or liking the contest on facebook. There are many other things you can do to get points and primarily it’s up to the host of the contest to enable these options for you, but you get the idea.

The more points you have the better, because each point represents a raffle ticket, in a random drawing between all of the contestants. So everyone has a chance to win no matter if they have the most points or the fewest points.

The most points that any one managed to get for the mobile monopoly contest was 1408 points. I managed to get 882 points. I really wasn’t expecting to win anything due to the high number of contestants, but like I said any one can win and it just so happens that I was the 4th prize winners. None of the people that did better than me won anything and the first prize winner only had 155 points.

At the end of the day the contest managed to create a viral exposure for mobile monopoly, and some pretty happy contest winners.

Contest burner doesn’t only apply to individuals who have their own product. There are many other possibilities for which contest burner can be utilized. You can send the traffic to your site or cpa offers, or products your promoting as an affiliate. Plus there are many other ways to utilize the software that are inside the contest burner members area.

The possibilities are really endless, and the result are truly amazing.

If you’re considering to purchase contest burner, give it a try. To to make it an even better deal for you I’ve decided to include my own unique bonus which you get only if you purchase from my link. To find out what my bonus is click on the link at the beginning of this post.

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The word, virus, conjures certain immediate impressions in our minds. Do you think of illnesses that you cannot treat with antibiotics? Or maybe, if you’re an online marketer, did you think about something that becomes viral? This kind of content is something that gets created, lots of people notice it, and then for whatever reason they share it with everyone. Other people market it for the creator, nothing really needs to be done.

And this is the web’s idea of word of mouth advertising. It is a dream of pretty much every internet marketer online. When your content goes viral you get more traffic to your websites and more eyes on your products. So if you continue reading you’ll learn some nifty hints and ideas to help make this happen in your business.

Make sure your work is visible. Your created work is not enough. People must know of its existence. Submitting to social bookmarking sites is one of the best ways to do this. Your work can be submitted to services like Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon which are free. These sites are always visited by internet users that are looking for the next big headline. It only takes a few of these internet users to click on your links in order for you to go from nonexistent to very popular. Don’t make it hard for people to find you. If people have to look for your work, it will never go viral.

After your viral content is out there, immediately get to work on new content. Avoid stalling on things by telling people “new sales prices coming soon,” or anything like that. You’ll have to create more and with greater frequency because if you bore people, then you’ll surely lose them. You know that will happen if you make them wait too long. Work on getting something into place, maybe a newsletter, and only then you can take a slight, short break. So plan on putting some work into this every day until things are in place.

Make an effort to be active in web communities. Try to locate and become involved with forums and comment on blogs that are relevant to your market. Become more active in the larger dialogue in your market. If you’re a positive contributor, then it will get noticed and people will pay attention to you. Most of the time you can link back to your business on blog comment forms and forum signature file links. If you always leave positive, helpful comments your chances of becoming known or popularity will only get better.

So many IM marketers try to produce something that will “go viral” for a very long time. It’s just not possible to know why one thing becomes viral, and another does not. So that leaves us with only one thing, consistently produce top quality content do massive promotion. Eventually people will take notice and your chances of being the next “it” guy (or gal) online will increase dramatically!

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