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Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by. The reason you’re likely here is you’re probably looking for some high quality information for CPA Instruments.

As I reviewer I’m able to get early access to most product I promote. This enables me to give you an inside look and provide you with the high quality information you’re looking for.

First off, the creator of CPA Instruments, Ritoban Chakrabarti, recently release a very high quality product called “profit instruments”.

Profit Instruments had to do with setting up small websites, optimizing and promoting them, which brought in some high quality highly relevant traffic. He then set these websites on autopilot to make money time and time again.

In CPA Instruments Ritoban is bringing the same concept from “profit instruments” and applying it to the highly profitable CPA offers niche.

CPA Instruments

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First I want to thank you for reading my review. Ritoban has given me access to the product for a few days now and I’m very close to finishing my review.

Obviously CPA Instruments will be about CPA, and before I go any further and let you know what you get inside the members area let me tell you first why CPA is so popular, and where to find CPA offers.

Why is CPA so popular?

CPA stands for “cost per action”. And with CPA you make money every time a visitor you refer to an offer completes some sort of action.

This action can be from anything as simple as entering an email address, or zip-code, to filling out a survey or signing up for a free trial offer.

This all depends on the type of offer you chose to promote and what the requirements for that offer are.

But why is cpa so popular? Okay, well since all the visitor has to do is complete the action the conversion rates are much higher.

Think about it, what would you be more willing to do… Whip out your wallet and purchase something… or enter a simple email address.

This is why cpa is so popular, the visitor doesn’t have to purchase anything for you to make money.

It is also worth mentioning that the more difficult the action is, the more money you will make when a visitor completes that action.

Where do you find CPA offers?

You can’t just find cpa offers anywhere on the internet. There are specific places you go to to find and research cpa offers.

These places are called CPA Networks. The purpose of a CPA Network is to make the connection between you, the affiliate, and the advertiser.

The advertiser are usually the businesses who’s offer you’ll be promoting. The advertiser are also the guys who pay the cpa network every time you refer an action who in-turn pay you.

This leads me to something else I want to bring to your attention.

You can’t just go into any cpa network and start promoting their offers. First you must apply and be approved by the network in order to promote their offers.

It has been somewhat hyped that it is very difficult to get into cpa networks because of the application process.

There is some truth to this. It’s difficult if you are new and you don’t know what you’re doing. But it is very easy if you’re experienced and you know what you’re doing.

CPA Networks are just very good at detecting this. However, you don’t have to worry about it. There is a full module dedicated to getting approved. If you do what Ritoban tells you in this module you’re pretty much guaranteed to get approved.

CPA Instruments

Okay, so enough talk about CPA offers, networks. Here is what you get inside CPA Instruments.

I will slightly talk about each module so you get an idea of what the module is about.

Module 1 – The Basics

This module is a general overview of what cpa offers and networks are, and the types of cpa offer that are available.

Module 2 – Getting In

As I mentioned earlier it is very difficult to get accepted into cpa networks if your new. But in this module Ritoban gives you a specific process to follow that works best for his staff and students.

Module 3 – Choosing Offers

This module is all about keyword research and familiarizing your self with the back office interface of CPA Networks when selecting a CPA offer to promote.

Module 4 – Free Traffic Instruments

In this module you will learn the various types of ways you can promote a CPA offer. You don’t just have to send traffic to a landing page.

Module 5 – Driving Free Traffic

This module is about ranking high on the search engines and bringing in free organic traffic to your offers.

Module 6 – Paid Traffic Instruments

This module will teach you how to build various types of affiliate landing pages and the basic structure that needs to be followed in each of them.

Module 7 – Driving Paid Traffic

This module covers a bunch of paid traffic methods. Some of which are Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-View, Media Buys, and Mobile Advertising. You don’t have to use all of them.

Module 8 – List Building

You don’t have to promote CPA offers directly. Here you’ll learn how to build a list and use email marketing to promote CPA offers.

Module 9 – Powerful Mechanisms

In this module you will learn how to multiply the income from your CPA offers by applying a few easy strategies. Among others some of the strategies revealed in this module include building a relationship with your affiliate manager, and applying an exit pop-up script to your website.

CPA Instruments Theme

This is actually a WordPress Theme that you download and install on your website. Here you have the ability to easily create landing pages, squeeze pages, cpa offer templates with options to control the color schemes.

$10k/month Case Study

This is kind of like a bonus module. Here Ritoban reveals everything about a single cpa instrument that makes him more than $10,000 each month. He reveals the niche, all the statistics, how he found the niche, how he created and optimized the site. In this case study you pretty much see the entire CPA Instruments course in action.

My Final Thoughts

There really isn’t another CPA course on the market like this. If CPA is something you want to get into I really recommend CPA Instruments.

And as a valued customer I will be adding tremendous value to your purchase.

Click on the HERE to visit my Bonus page and how to get it.

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Cost Per Action Marketing, Or CPA, might sound complicated at first; but this new way of generating traffic for your online business could be the key to your online venture’s financial success. Many individuals now a day opt-in for the CPA Instruments course by Ribotan. There is an upside; learning how CPA marketing functions is relatively easy. Once you understand how it works, you can apply it your business. To begin promoting CPA offers, you have to choose from a number of options available to you. The most popular among beginners are “free trial offers”. This type of offer is easy to market, pays well and can be easy to convert. And while you are seeing for yourself, how useful this could be for your needs, you won’t be bothered with any high pressure sales. For example, if you have a website dealing with weight loss, there are numerous offers that have to do with this niche which are sure to bring you healthy a healthy commission per lead. You can’t go wrong with this strategy, as your visitors are getting a valuable product or service at no cost (except for shipping charges), you will receive a commission, and the advertiser will clearly benefit from the exposure and will be able to increase his list of contacts. Here we will take a look at a few different strategies that could be helpful to you while you make your living promoting CPA offers.

Email marketing can be easily employed to generate income through CPA offers. The basic purpose of a contact list is to target and promote to a certain group of people. There are CPA offers to suit every market or group you can imagine. Begin by building a list targeting a specific niche or market. Having knowledge or expertise pertaining to that niche could be very helpful. Just make sure you have studied this strategy before you begin your list building.

The niche needs to be extremely receptive of the CPA offers which you plan to promote. Researching the sales figures for your particular niches is an important first step. It’s also necessary for you to have a strong sense of the market’s current direction as well as what the people in that niche are most interested in buying. When you’re choosing a niche, look at the search volume and only go for the one which has a high search volume. It’s a good thing if you have experience in a certain niche, you can start off with it, since it’ll be easier for you to get your CPA campaign up and running. If not CPA Instruments is a good starting point. Since there’s an upside and a downside to every product, your first-hand knowledge knowledge of a product will help you be especially successful with it.

Without question, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is the best way to handle your CPA offer. Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search marketing provide an easy means for affiliates to develop CPA marketing campaigns. Both companies supply the necessary tools and resources to assist in the targeting of the proper group of people.

This often requires an initial investment, but if done correctly it is an investment that will bring you rewards consistently in the future. Take care with your investment, do your homework and work the tools and resources. You can’t go into investments like this blindly, so take it step-by-step and you’ll be pleased by your returns. Basically, this fresh new marketing technique is only for those who really have the desire and drive to excel! Many people mistakenly believe that CPA marketing (or even with the help of a course such as CPA Instruments) is easy money, and then are disappointed when the results fall short of their expectations. The honest truth is that there is no magic formula to make big bucks on the Internet, you need to learn all you can, change and adapt with the market and be willing to put in the work necessary to make it successful.

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