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When Crowd Conversion 3 gets released to the public on November 11th I’ll be providing a fantastic bonus to my customers. All you have to do is purchase via my link and I’ll add tremendous value to the package.



Crowd Conversion Bonus #1: <<<not available anymore

Coen’s Promotional Strategies For
(video series)

Watch over my shoulder as I reveal my daily promotional strategies for I reveal the tools I use, and record my self using them in the exact way I use them each day.


Crowd Conversion Bonus #2:

Backlink Jackpot (video series)

This is a very good 16-video course. You’ll learn the importance of link building as it relates to your sites overall search engine rankings.

In addition there are some really clever link building strategies revealed by using a free tool to semi-automate the process.


Crowd Conversion Bonus #3:

Your Success Action Plan (ebook)

If you want to better your life and your business you need to learn the correct way to develop and use an action Plan!

Most people have a tendency not to achieve the success they desire in life and business.

This book will get you thinking the correct way so success can come much easier.


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Create a new email address. This step is critical, because if you have already opted in on the crowdconversion page for more information about the product, the affiliate who will be credited is the one that sent you there the FIRST time.

So create a NEW email address that you will use on the Crowd Conversion page. I suggest you use GMAIL but you can use any other email service as well.


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A majority of people don’t really understand how to market themselves using Twitter, and are unsure about efficiently using this part of social networking to their advantage. Twitter marketing is simple and sophisticated at the same time; it requires you to have all the important elements in the right place. Even so, it requires more from you than simply sending out numerous affiliate links or trying to get the name of your product out by telling as many people as possible. To be successful, you should put yourself in a position to contribute something of value to the community that Twitter presents to you. Establish a collection of followers within your niche. It’s the only way to develop a marketing tool that will be successful for your business for a long time to come and to reap the full benefit of Twitter. The following discussion will give some useful advice for you to remember when you are utilizing marketing through Twitter.

Be Consistent – Good Twitter marketing means that you need to make regular postings.

You want to show that your business – and your customers or clients – are important to you, so you need to stay on top of your Twitter account. Marketing attempts that are not well thought out can be spotted a mile away. Twitter is an active and vibrant community and can show big returns, if you are able to harness and keep that momentum. Consistency means sending sticking with it, not sending out 50 tweets each day for a week and then nothing for weeks at a time. You should balance out your tweets over time – you can even schedule them into your day.

See how people respond after a while, and try to determine if you could improve your following. If you really want your followers to see you in a genuine light, you must exhibit reliability. When attempting to construct a devoted fan base in the Twitter community, nothing else is more essential to your goal.

In addition to that one fact, try also to be creative and helpful to others. Your tweets should be interesting and give something to the audience that they want or need. Nobody wants to waste their time reading something that they don’t need or doesn’t address the issues your initial tweets led them to believe would be made available on your site. So spamming keywords or talking “hype” is out if you want to keep your followers. So if you have nothing good to say, best not to say, or tweet it.

People tend to think of Twitter as just a social networking site, one that allows them to interact quickly and easily with their friends and family. Employing Twitter to generate traffic to your website is a different ballgame. Typically, it’s wise to begin your experience with Twitter by responding to other members’ posts, in order to establish a presence. Look for opportunities to tweet comments that relate to your website. Even if you don’t have your site’s link in these posts, readers will click through to your profile and visit your site.

Finally, remember that you are marketing when engaging on Twitter and make sure to treat it as such. Be honest and ethical in your approach to Twitter and patient with your strategies. You won’t see results in the first days or even weeks after you open your Twitter account. The key is to stay in there, apply whatever you learn and improve yourself with time. In a matter of few months you will know enough to use Twitter to drive traffic at will, yes, it’s that powerful.

Crowd Conversion

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I have been using it for about 4 months, and although the membership is a little high it does deliver great results. In a nutshell, Crowd Conversion is a great service. There has been a lot of buzz about the new Social Media System called Crowd Conversion. Please bookmark this page and keep coming back. In a nutshell, Crowd Conversion is a program by Robert Grant and Ian David Chapman’s Crowd Conversion review and my exclusive bonus. Hi dude, Stay tuned for my in-depth Robert Grant and Ian David Chapman’s Crowd Conversion review and my exclusive bonus. Difference between facebook pages and groups.

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