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Empire Formula is truly shaping up to be a big hit among consumers. With its release fast approaching, I can’t resist but to present a massive bonus to YOU (my customers) and provide even more value as a result of your support.

By purchasing Empire Formula you’re not only setting your self up for success, but you will get my best bonus ever offered. It will be a massive bonus unlike any other, and all you have to do is purchase from my affiliate link.

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Coen’s Promotional Strategies For
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Watch over my shoulder as I reveal my daily promotional strategies for I reveal the tools I use, and record my self using them in the exact way I use them each day.

For more information on the power of these strategies watch the video at the top of this page.


To claim your bonusesĀ  you MUST follow these steps

Seriously, follow them, because if I’m not credited for the sale you will not get access to my bonuses.


Create a new email address. This step is critical, because if you have already opted in on the empire formula page for more information about the product, the affiliate who will be credited is the one that sent you there the FIRST time.

So create a NEW email address that you will use on the Empire Formula page. I suggest you use GMAIL but you can use any other email service as well.


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The Empire Formula Bonus

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The Empire Formula Free Report

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It’s not that earning a full-time income online is hard; it’s just that there is specific information that is needed and to implement it properly. Well, now possessing the right kind of knowledge is a reality with Empire Formula, created by Anik Singal, because it gives you the exact information as an extensive guide and plan. If you’re a bit tired of products that are inadequate or fail to measure up to the impressions created in the sales copy, then we believe your time is at hand with Empire Formula. Anik is known around the world within IM for his high-caliber training products. He has a proven track record in the business world and is recognized for his achievements. Our review of Empire Formula is meant to help you understand what is in the product as well as help you make an informed decision about it.

Maybe we can offer one of those “in 30 words or less” summaries of Empire Formula. How far you take it is up to you, but you’ll certainly be taught the complete scope of web business and how to get started and more. He also takes a highly unique approach by dividing the course into sections each of which is devoted to how you can ramp up, or scale, your business to the next higher income level – so you will see exactly how it’s done. Each of the different areas assign a goal for you, it’s more of an income target. If you want to get a taste plus the first major section of the course, you can just go download it – there is no charge. When you get this report you’ll be surprised at its length, 158 pages, and you’ll also get a good idea about Anik and his material. All will be clearly laid out; for example… how to determine what is a good niche market; how to properly develop your own products, how to properly drive targeted traffic; and then how to successfully build an email list and market to it. You’ll know what to expect after reading this report.

You’ll also get a solid feel for how the rest of his training will be. If you choose to go for the Empire Formula, you’ll get your hands on helpful manuals, webinars, videos and everything that you need. The quality of the training is going to be top notch because Anik’s previous products such as the PPC Classroom and Affiliate Classroom have a high satisfactory rate and have helped many break into the online marketing world. Empire Formula has all the appearances of another one of Anik’s high quality training programs like the other two, and we feel comfortable suggesting you can feel confident.

Last but not the least; if you’re looking to take on this training, you need to be serious. This course costs money, but Anik doesn’t want people who won’t work hard, nor does he want people who buy something and do nothing.

So, there it is… we believe Anik’s product, Empire Formula, to be very much in your interest to check out if this review appealed to you at all.

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