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Adam Horwitz and Tim Donovan have teamed up once again to bring to you something called Local Mobile Monopoly. Their previously released product was the much popular Mobile Monopoly course. It still is one of the very first and best courses anyone created to reveal how to make money using mobile phone marketing strategies.

So what are the differences between their previously released product and the soon to be release local mobile monopoly course. I will reveal this and more when I get access to local mobile monopoly much closer to the launch date (Feb 8th, actually its Mar. 21st now XD).

Meanwhile if you’re eager to learn more about what local mobile monopoly offers feel free to browse the official local mobile monopoly website. I also heard Adam will be giving away two very powerful tools in video two and three. Might as well grab those while you can.

Alright everyone I’m here, I have access to local mobile monopoly, and I’m ready to give you some inside information that you will only otherwise find if you purchase local mobile monopoly yourself. Keep in mind the information I provide should help you decide if local mobile monopoly is for you, or not.

Let’s Get Started

There’s so much information inside local mobile monopoly that it’s hard to describe every single aspect of it, and I really wouldn’t want to because this review will become way to long and probably bore you to death. This however makes it that much more exciting, for you when you do get access to local mobile monopoly.

Mainly there are 2 core trainings and 1 service I want to cover in this review:

  1. Mobile Agent
  2. Mobile Affiliate
  3. and YepText

Mobile Agent

Becoming a Mobile Agent is what local mobile monopoly is all about. Though you can skip ahead and jump to the ‘mobile affiliate’ training right away I don’t recommend it. In my opinion you have to know the basic concepts in order to move on.

Think about what a mobile agent does…! Literally anyone that needs to keep in touch with someone needs text message marketing. This includes brands, singers, doctors, dentists, speakers, celebrities, etc. This is where you come in.

In this training you will learn how to set up your mobile agent business, building your package including charging the local business, using yeptext, and marketing yourself. In addition, you also get ready-made marketing materials for when a local business gives you the go ahead.

Mobile Affiliate

Module 1 and 2 in the mobile affiliate training is training on how to set up and user your YepText account. It covers such things as the importance of a promocode (simply a promocode is a code you specify at the time of registration, which when used gives from zero to 30 percent discount for the first month).

Module 3 is where it gets into the different ways of promoting your affiliate link and the strategies you can use when giving away your promocode. Some of the strategies covered in this module are search engine optimization, pay per click, viral social media strategies for youtube, twitter, facebook, and more.

YepText Service

With text message marketing gaining in popularity YepText will become and essential part of many businesses. Looking in the future, YepText will become equivalent to what AWeber, or iContact is today. Marketers that use these services today will likely use them forever, since they wouldn’t want to lose their subscribers list. And the affiliates that made those sales way back are still earning commission today.

Many businesses will eventually catch on to mobile marketing and incorporated it as part of their marketing strategy. And if you are that affiliate that made the recommendation you can look forward to many months of affiliate commissions from just a single sale.


All in a this is a world class training on mobile marketing. I’ve never felt anything like this from any of the products I’ve previously written a review for. You have everything you need set and ready to go in this nice little (big) package. I didn’t even mention the bonuses you get when you purchase local mobile monopoly but I suppose you will find out soon enough.

In addition I’ll be providing you with my very own personal bonus package. So if you liked my review purchase from my link and you’ll get all the extras.

To be sure you get my bonus read my bonus post here.

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Unless you were banished to the North Pole, no doubt you know that cell phone use and mobile phone marketing has skyrocketed in recent years. Just imagine that, for ad costs that are a great deal lower than online, you can tap into a huge market of mobile users that have hardly even been touched, at this point. You will even be able to eventually arrive a high level of market audience understanding, and then customize your campaigns for even higher conversions. But make no mistake about it because it will take some time and effort to make everything ready and put into place, then once you begin in time you will have everything you need to do what we said is possible. So with that said, let’s not waste on moment and get into some meaty local mobile marketing campaign tips.

It’s critically important that you rethink how you spell and “talk” when you’re texting your mobile marketing messages. In other words, the language that you use in your texts has to be well structured and shouldn’t be the typical text language. Avoid the shortened and abbreviated forms that are common with texting. You will find that people will have a tough time believing you are a legitimate business with all the slang word usage. Secondly, you run the risk of your target audience not understanding your message. So the simple lesson with this is that it’s important to write correct English that is clear.

Always show courtesy and respect to your potential customers and avoid sending them messages at odd times of the day. People tend to have short attention spans, anymore, so if you ever send a reminder about anything, be sure to make do it in terms of hours before the important date of time – and not several days before. Try to get a sense about when is the best time to text that will yield the highest response from them. Try to find some industry data that may give you a clue about the best times during the day to send out a marketing text. A good step forward you make to take advantage of is the local mobile monopoly course by Adam Horwitz.

Just like with email, people need to opt-in before you can text them; no 100%, so do not spam people. That is the classic n00b mistake, and it’s a doozy, too. Don’t do it. Trust us, you will really make people angry if you send someone a text that is an ad. Nothing else really matters at all on this one because so many people will react negatively to you.

The key to success, in addition to action, is to learning valuable information much like the local mobile marketing tips you just read. Don’t let yourself become complacent when it comes to any one particular way to market to a crowd. Be open for experimenting new methods and techniques, and test out different ideas to get better results. Mobile marketing is in its infancy still, but it is so large and continually growing.

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