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On March 9th Mo Latif will be launching his new product, Rapid Mass Traffic. He claims, and I quote… “How to get *insane* amounts of traffic without
SEO, PPC, Adwords, article marketing, videos or the ‘usual’ everyone is talking about”.

Is this really true…? I will reveal this in this and more in this official Rapid Mass Traffic Review.


What Can You Expect From RAPID MASS TRAFFIC?
as described by the creator

Google dominates about 20% of the online traffic, which I guess you know about. I’ve used it to the MAX!! Now I went to the other side of the playing field and went after the other 80%. The network traffic. No it’s NOT what you’re thinking.

The day I applied it I got hundreds in numbers, then thousands and then hundreds of thousands. WIthin a month I was generating MILLIONS of visitors to my site.

This is insane, *unstoppable* traffic and the only way out is…? Well there isn’t one unless you pull the plug.

I did this on one of my sites and the business I was sending traffic to went mental and ‘actually’ complained. I’m serious, they called me up and told me to STOP whatever I’m doing. No JOKE!!


WITHOUT Google = > > MASS Traffic + MASS Customers = MASS Profits !!

No waiting around for algorithmns, Google indexing or special requirements. Once you’re ready, start the Rapid Mass Traffic strategy and there’s no looking back.

Once this method is mastered you will never look back. I’m not, that’s for sure. The product is a combination of manuals, videos, coaching, software including MINDMAPS, BLUEPRINTS, FLOWCHARTS, DIAGRAMS etc including step by step processes even for the absolute newbie.


MY Personal Review of RAPID MASS TRAFFIC is Complete
For GOOD or For BAD This is What I Found:

Rapid Mass Traffic is a type of affiliate marketing approach to generating an income. It does a excellent job at giving thorough step-by-step instructions on the entire process.

Mo Lafin reveals an intriguing new method to generate traffic, something that I certainly have never heard of.

I cannot say too much about this traffic source without revealing its identity. If I had to describe it, I would say that it is very similar to the Google Cash System by Chris Carpenter. Where you set up a pay per click campaign and you link directly to an affiliate’s page (except it’s has nothing to do with pay per click).

Just like in PPC you will be able to receive very cheap targeted traffic. What is better about THIS METHOD is that it is 100 times cheaper than google’s adwords.

Alright now you know a little about the type of traffic that you will be getting, NOW WHAT???

Rapid Mass Traffic gives you step by step instructions on:

1. Choosing Your Niche To Promote

2. Buy a domain (if you don’t have one already)

3. Opening a hosting account (if you don’t have one already)

4. Open an Aweber account to build a subscribers list

5. Build your website

6. Integrating your Aweber account to your website

7. Apply the traffic generation method to your website and send traffic to an affiliate product.


My Conclusion

I think that is is a really good strategy to implement, and a great addition to any established affiliate marketer.

However, as an internet marketer I would not depend on this single method alone. If you purchase from my website I will provide you with another very powerful method to generate traffic to your website.

For more details of this and my bonus visit my bonus page by clicking here.

But be quick, because if you are one of the first 10 people to purchase through my website I will even include a private SEO coaching, where I help you to optimize your website and answer any of the questions that you have for 60 days.

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There are internet marketing strategies that can result in huge profits, for this the only thing you are required to know is he method of using them so that they can prove to be rewarding for you. One of the most efficient methods of making sales is by marketing your offerings on web. One such promotion is by the use of a banner ad and another is paid surveys,  but more on these two later.

Online promotions have offered its benefits to a lot of customers and thus they have been succeeding from over a period of time. When online promotion is concerned a number of things are responsible for the impact but then some tips on it can be a great assistance. Though there are many marketing tools which are very efficient still are being not used and overlooked by the webmasters. As soon as you have finalized your domain name it is important that your online promotion strategy comes into existence.

The length of the domain name is of equal importance and has to be considered. Apart from being associated with your business it is also important that your domain name is a little precise so that it is easy to memorize. To have the most searched for key term as your domain name you can surely take assistance from the keyword tools.

The next step after choosing the website name is the content on the home page of your website. The website and its pages that you design must be attention dragging and also serving the purpose as this will help you to get wide attention from the users of the web. It is very essential that you include the keyword in the web page name. In case you concentrate on the finest details your web page will be able to gain more attention among all others. The good choice of the keywords, still, is the most significant issue. You can use more of key words like types of vehicles and their names in an automobile web site in order generate more traffic towards your site. The search for key phrases will then redirect the person to this web page.

If your website have graphic make sure that the name you allot fro them also includes the keyword. Also make sure that you have content which is very much optimized for your website. These things will help you to have a site that is well optimized that search engine prefer. Another way that is also to be considered is to include incoming links all over the web. These links are very important for your website. The fundamentals of web marketing include directories and search engines. These things are very common but there are many more things that can be done. Enrolling with the social networking websites is a good option because you can get a lot of exposure as there are many people attracted to it.

Leaving aside the same old options you can also opt for other different options like forums, blogs, press release websites etc and this can also contribute towards higher page rankings. The web link can be left after speaking to these people so that they can come back to you. You need to take good care while using these devices for web promotions. As a result to this you will earn lucratively thus becoming successful in your business.

Writing Press Release and posting it on the famous search engines will help you to fetch lot of traffic to your site. By means of the Press Release anyone can bring a leap in their sales figure thus bringing in success for their business. Attract lot of traffic by providing information to the people about your products and services. An essential point before writing any Press Release is to hunt for a publishing site. Another thing that you should know it whether they are online publishers or offline publishers. Make certain that your site is very easily accessible to the search spiders.

With press release you can receive good reactions of the traffic which in turn lead into great sales. But then for this you would also have to create a simple list called as a press list. Press list are mainly the database which contains the names of the editors and various publications. It is very important that you first close upon the kind of targets and only then you should decide upon the publication. Ensure that you get the contact details of the editor and no one else because only he will be able to help you properly. An substitute of press list is the newswire service that you can take advantage off.

You can let the people know about your offers with the help of Press Releases. The information published by you must be captivating to tempt readers to read completely. The readers will not stick to your press release for long if the readers do not find it catchy. It may happen that they start reading your pres release but will leave it after reading few sentences. As a result, the initial words must be amazing and the first few sentences must be appealing. Make sure that while creating a Press Release you include some high-flying content to make it attractive. The important point which must be focused is that the content of the press release you give them some advantages. The readers should read it completely so highlight some important reasons to read it. You must make them feel that if readers do not read it, they will miss out very important things.

In order to grab the attention of the receiver towards your mail and read it, you will have to give an attractive title to the email. All your efforts will go a waste if the receiver does not open your email. Hence, the subject line should be more attractive. The media will not publish your Press Release if it is not good and attractive.

On a daily basis the editors of the PR sites get lots and lots of emails so you will have to make such a mail that catches the attention of the editor at first sight. Aviod including outdated data. The data added should not be older than a week. If you add fresh stuff to your Press Release you will have audiences attracted. You should post your Press Release at least one week in advance of your event. For immediate release type in bold letters: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. This will persuade the editor to take needed step. By following these guidelines of press release you can attract huge traffic to your site.

What is affiliate marketing anyway? It is very similar to cpa marketing (cost per action marketing), but to explain this in a simple way, it is a type of marketing where you promote products owned by other people in order to make a commission. You get the commission when someone purchases this product using your affiliate link, which is a unique URL provided to you for promotion, which also tracks the sales you make.

What’s good about affiliate marketing is that everybody in the business can have a share of the profit pie without any kind of saturation. However, it is vital that you look at your affiliate marketing business as a real business. In order to be successful, you have to follow the same standard principles as other businesses. With this in mind, you have to be aware of some mistakes that can cost you a ton of time and money:

Intense Advertising

Anytime you use extreme advertising or simply advertise too much, it will simply backfire on you. If all your site does is advertise, it will seem like you are trying to make instant money and it will not have the personal touch it would have if you filled it with quality content. In order to make that sale, you have to be more subtle in your approach. When most people visit a website they do so because that site has information they want, if they do not feel as though they found what they were looking for they will be far from impressed. People are not looking to be sold to, they are looking for recommendations. You should be sure to have plenty of informative content on your sites, with subtle advertisements interwoven. Therefore, you ought to achieve equilibrium of advertising content and non-advertising content. In addition to helping you gain credibility with your potential customers, it will assist you in getting high rankings on search engines. In effect, you will get better search engine results, which will help increase the amount of traffic to your site.

Not Testing Out the Product/Service Yourself

Working as an affiliate marketer, your main aim and sole purpose should be to effectively give your best in promoting a particular product/service and get your offer in front of as many prospects as possible. If you want to get to this point, it’s necessary to show your prospects what exactly they can gain by using your product, and how effectively it solves whatever particular issue it’s meant to address. By using the product or service yourself, you gain a clear understanding of how it works and the impact it makes on your life. You also know those areas in which it lacks. Because you are promoting a product or service that you yourself believe in and use, your customers receive genuine information. They learn to trust you and building trust builds sales. When you actually use a product you promote, you gain valuable insight into the product itself. You can speak with accuracy about the product, encouraging others to try or buy it too.

Mistake Three: Ignoring Email Lists

Most people who click on your link will not buy your promoted product the first time they visit; it usually takes time for them to check around and make a decision to purchase it. You are missing out on possible sales and profits if you do not have a sign-in form on your site to build up a list of your visitors’ names and e-mail addresses. Maintaining a mailing list will enable you to provide subscribers with additional information and incentives to purchase our product; and you will forge a trust relationship with them. And as they become familiar with you and grow to trust you, you will see increased sales from your contact list, which will translate into a dependable future income.

For any business to succeed it would need a good marketing strategy.Marketing is one of the most important aspects of almost any business. By marketing your products and services well you can make your business flourish. We will be able to market products in a better way only if we know the customer’s requirements. We also have to popularize our product; this can be done by driving traffic to our site. It is also important to make sure that the customer is happy with our product and is ready to buy it from us. A good marketing strategy would be one that follows all these points and also looks into the customer’s needs.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of marketing. It is very important to communicate with your customers. To maintain existing customers you will have to maintain a nice relationship with your customers. You can also keep in touch with your customers by sending the newsletters and mails about the latest offers. By sending them such offers you can increase your conversion rates. At the same time they would also spread the word about your site and product.

We should concentrate on various techniques which include the recent technologies in the industry. It is not as easy as simply submitting the article online and waiting for the customers to come our way. We should upgrade the strategies as per new technologies to get good quality business. Looking at the market status, we should keep few more ideas ready, as not all plans succeed. Make sure not to rely on marketing campaigns to increase the business.

Internet marketing is one of the many different ways in which we can market a product. Online marketing can also be called internet marketing, e marketing, and web marketing. Whatever it is called, it mainly deals with promotion of products and services online. Marketing products online is pretty simple if you know some of the online marketing strategies and the technologies involved in it. These strategies are really helpful to get more sales.

Advertising activities can be checked in many ways. Some of the methods are listed below: (1.)Cost per Thousand Viewers (CPT): This is a very common way to check the extent of advertising. (2.) Cost per Action (CPA): An acronym for affiliate income This is a unit that is mostly used in affiliate marketing; it denotes the number of users that have performed the desired action. (3.)Cost per contact (CPC): It is a unit used to measure the cost of interacting with a client or finding out the potential of the client. (4.) Click Through rates (CTR): This calculates the exact number of click on the banner advertisement. (5.)Total Minutes (TM): This unit helps to calculate the total time each user spent on the site.

There are many advantages of internet marketing. The internet brings together many people thus increasing your business prospects. As internet is accessible at any point of time, the user can make use of it easily. The services can be accessible anytime in case of any difficulties.The customers can get information about the products through emails, banner advertisement and other popup windows. It does not take much time as well if the customer tries to interact with the companies, or buy their products. We can reach more masses in spite of spending less or investing less in promotional activities. The search engines will help your product reach the target audience.

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