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When The Six Figure Code gets released to the public on November 16th, I will be providing a fantastic bonus to my customers. All you have to do is purchase via my link and I’ll add tremendous value to the package.




Six Figure Code Bonus #1:

Backlink Jackpot

Backlink Jackpot (video series)

This is an entire course in its self. It is 16-videos which go into detail on how to bring organic search engine traffic by ranking very high on google’s “search engine results page” for any keyword you want.

You’ll also learn the importance of link building as it relates to your sites overall search engine rankings.

In addition there are some really clever link building strategies revealed by using a free tool to semi-automate the process.


Six Figure Code Bonus #2:

Exit Profit GeneratorExit Profit Generator (php script)

This is a PHP script that’s very easy to install and runs on any website.

With this script every time a visitor tries to leaves your website by either closing or hitting the back button they are automatically displayed a message and redirected to an exit page of your choice.


Six Figure Code Bonus #3:

Feedback GeneratorFeedback Generator (software/php)

This is a good tool to use on your website to detect why visitors are leaving your website.

The reality is that more than 90% of visitors leave your website without taking action.

With this tool you can get their feedback on why a visitor leaves your website, so you can improve your conversions.


Six Figure Code Bonus #4:

Your Success Action PlanYour Success Action Plan (e-book)

If you want to better your life and your business you need to learn the correct way to develop and use an action Plan!

Most people have a tendency not to achieve the success they desire in life and business.

This book will get you thinking the correct way so success can come much easier.


Six Figure Code Bonus #5:

CPA Profit BlueprintCPA Profit Blueprint (e-book)

Aside from cpa instruments here you will find additional help when it comes to getting approved in CPA Networks.

Furthermore, it reveals the right and wrong cpa offers, and how to build a profitable campaign from scratch.

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Selling products you’ve created over the internet can offer anyone an exciting way to produce profits. This article will look at some product creation options you can try to get your sales going sooner rather than later.

It’s really pretty common for very many, usually newer, marketers to experience difficulties when researching the net for the product they have in mind. One little trade secret is to take advantage of the huge amount of public domain material that exists. This is just a normal progression for some previously copyrighted works of all kinds; if the copyright is not renewed, then it will expire and enter into public domain for use by anyone. Once that occurs, then you are free and able to use it and even sell it, and it’s legal to do so. Think about it… this material has already been in the public sector and, presumably read, so you know it was written for a market that hopefully exists and will work again. You do have to evaluate the material and determine if it is still timely and good information for your market. One other point is that you are within legal rights to change the information and make it up to date for today’s audience. How about wrapping it in a new package that is attractive and appealing to today’s audience? Do keep in mind the primary objective which is to create products but do so much faster and with less headaches. There is tremendous leveraging abilities with PD, and that is something you would do well to remember and then discover. If doing all the laborious research is not your favorite cup of tea, then this is a viable and excellent alternative for you.

This tip for product creation is gaining in popularity all the time. The Internet is moving at the speed of light, which means information constantly keeps getting outdated. You could offer consistently fresh information via a ‘live product’ that customers can only access after paying a monthly subscription fee.

How do you make this happen? You might create a paid membership site, that allows only members to access updated and new information. This is a new way of selling products. Instead of packaging them and selling one time, you’re doing it over and over again, month after month. This can be a good way to reap a regular cash flow from your online business. Ensure you’re offering your members quality information that is useful and offers real value for the best results.

Have you ever thought about PLR material? That stands for private label rights, and tons of marketers love using it for product creation. You can buy them for very little money, and then turn around and resell as your own products. What experienced marketers do is revise and modify so they have their own totally unique footprint on it. If your fancy for product creation has been stirred, then pursue it while growing your own knowledge base of marketing online.

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