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Desmond Ong, known as the young at heart expert of website flipping, is the author and creator of “Traffic Omega” set to be released early this month, the 11th of May. Molly Dalbec, an online marketing expert, and a guru at self-branding is joining him on this one, and together they promise to bring a bomb to the world of online marketing.

As usual I have asked to access Traffic Omega before launch so that I can write an informed review and tell my visitors about it before anyone else. Desmond Ong has kindly accepted my request and given me access to the information that will be used to create Traffic Omega.

While I was looking through some of the material presented in-front of me I had some concerns and I thought that many of my readers may have these same concerns. I contacted Des immediately via skype and very quickly he replied addressing this problem. We had a very brief Q&A session.

To take a look at our exchange

One-on-One Q&A Interview:

Coen: There are practically hundreds of available courses online today that teach how to “generate traffic” in some way shape or form, and some of them have real value… What sets Traffic Omega apart from everyone else?

Des: A lot of courses out there teaches people about generating traffic to SEO, PPC and PPV — which are common, risky and well, A LOT of hard works with no positive results. So, Traffic Omega is all about the “alternatives”. We have decided to give away the farm by revealing our biggest traffic tactics that we used to generate a ton of autopilot traffic to our niche websites.

Coen: What type of person could get the most benefit out of Traffic Omega?

Des: To be honest with you, any internet marketers will benefit from this. We take you along the hand and guide you through every process if you’re a newbie but if you’re an advanced marketer, you can always skip ahead and go straight to the juicy part of the entire program.

Coen: What would you say are some of the highlights of Traffic Omega, and why?

Des: ZERO. You don’t need any. In fact, you need to rub off all your traffic experiences before you got started because you will be more focus and easier to reach your target if you uses Traffic Omega’s strategies only.

Coen: Are the traffic generation methods, which you will be exposing, something that we’ve all seen in the past, or something completely new?

Des: It’s all completely new. Some of them are from the past, but we gave them some new twists to make these methods even better than how marketers used it in the past.

Coen: I know that the “Viral Omega Script” is something that you don’t want to reveal too much about, so in a few words can you talk a little bit about the script and what the benefit of using it will be.

Des: Viral Omega script is basically a script designed to drive traffic on autopilot using a traffic generation method called “Viral Buzz”. We all know viral traffic is extremely powerful and it can melt your servers if you’re using small servers for your website. The script’s function is to help you to put traffic generation on autopilot so  what you need to do is just upload the script, copy a few codes and done.

Coen: Some people may be worried about this, so I feel like I have to ask this question. Are there any hidden costs, or continuations services that are required in order to use Traffic Omega to it’s fullest?

Des: There”s no hidden cost. You pay once and you get the access to traffic omega live training program which is available as digital downloads, free ticket for one to our live event which will be held in Florida and also a free Traffic Omega T-shirt.

Traffic Omega

CLICK HERE To Go To The OFFICIAL “Traffic Omega” Website

As I mentioned Desmond has kindly allowed me access to some of the materials for Traffic Omega, and as such I’ve reviewed the materials and am prepared to give my review.

On first impression, the course provides some insightful and interesting information which at first glance may appear daunting to some people. Mostly to those people looking for a magic money-making machine, that makes them thousands of dollars after two seconds of work. (If any of my visitors have found this money-making machine please let me know :))

While reading this review please keep in mind that I have had only a few days to examine the training.

Lets Look At What You Get With Traffic Omega

  • Viral Omega Script
  • 5 Training Modules
  • Multiple Traffic Methods w/each Module
  • Live Q&A Webinars
  • Additional Basic Training Materials

Traffic Omega Modules

In these modules you will get a mix of training materials such as videos, pdf files, tutorials, and some other information that can’t be taught in videos.

You will get 5 training modules and gain access to 1 module per week over a period of 5 weeks.

Because most of the training consists of videos it will pretty easy to follow along and implement the traffic methods depicted in the videos. As I previously mentioned there will be pdf files also. These files go hand-in-hand with the video training and also contain homework assignments that are critical to your success. It is a good way of holding you accountable and an easy way of systematically monitoring your progress as different traffic methods to master.

Live Q&A Webinars

Now I am not 100 percent sure how this webinars will work. But I am assuming that there will be some kind of teaching at first and then the lines will open up for live questions which will then be answered. This kind of environment is very effective learning tool and many people will have the very same questions as yourself.

Viral Omega Script

As part of this review I also have to talk about the ‘Viral Omega Script’ which is included when you purchase Traffic Omega. Because the script was not ready yet I was not able to test it and so Desmond was very secretive about it. I did manage however some information that I will share here.

Essentially the viral omega is a script that will be placed through the cpanel of your website. As you get traffic to your website the viral omega script works to multiply this traffic by sending similar visitors to your website. I wish that I could provide more information, but this is all I have for now.

My Conclusion for Traffic Omega

Having had the opportunity to review Traffic Omega I will now summarize my thoughts.

Traffic Omega is a pretty complete training on traffic generation. It goes into great detail to teach you exactly that.

The course it’s self goes a little bit into managing your subscriber. Assuming that you already have a place to send the traffic to the only other thing that you may need is an aweber account to manage your subscribers.

I have thought long and hard about what bonus to offer should you decide on the strength of my review to purchase Traffic Omega and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what I have to offer.


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